Dredging equipment

The signing of the Kyoto protocol made people around the world aware of the need to protect the planet. Environmental concerns forced dredging and other industry companies to design different dredging equipment to comply with the latest international standards.

SMI Offshore assists its clients with the construction of high-quality dredging equipment and components, which can be used as the next generation dredging equipment on board TSHDs (trailing suction hopper dredgers) and CSDs (cutter suction dredgers).

Please see our customised range of dredging equipment here.

Dredging equipment products


Maximum flexibility, durability and easily controlled systems.

Swell compensator systems

Hydraulic cylinder (swell compensator) is connected to an accumulator.

Industrial water cannon

Industrial water cannon

Water cannons with associated components that fire large volumes of water.

Bulkhead penetrations

Bulkhead penetrations

Tailor-made solutions for bulkhead penetrations to safeguard critical ship compartments.

Spud hoisting systems

Spud hoisting systems

Manufacture customised spud hoisting systems to increase the efficiency of dredging.

Anchor boom

Anchor booms

Aanchor booms are constructed to client specifications.


Dredge grabs

Mmanufactured to client specifications in hardened steel with heavy-duty bearings.

Dredging bucket

Dredge buckets

Various dredge and backhoe bucket models are available for every type of soil.

Booster stations

Easily to install at remote locations of an extended job site.

suction pipe

Suction pipe

Customised solutions for the installation of dredge loading equipment.

Offshore deck cranes

Offshore Deck Cranes

Our deck cranes are backed up by reliable service and spare parts.

Offshore winches

Offshore Winches

Offshore winches vary from standard ship winches to more complex handling systems.

Offshore anchors

Offshore Anchors

Full classification design approval certificate conforming to the client’s requirements.

Hydraulic powerpacks

Hydraulic Powerpacks

Tailor-made electrically and diesel-driven hydraulic power packs.

Offshore Pedestals

Excellent machining and certified welding facilities manned by expert engineers.

Base plates

Base Plates

We support in offshore equipment and manufacture in various materials.

winch foundations

Winch Foundations

SMI Offshore builds distinctive winch foundations for the top-end market.

Hose reels

Hose Reels

The hose reels are optionally equipped with safety tensioning and retractable systems.

Custom sheaves

Custom Sheaves

SMI Offshore can meet a wide range of machinery directive requirements.

Offshore control cabins

Offshore control cabins

We develop and supplies tailor-made control cabins and units.

General deck equipment

General Deck Equipment

Our specialisation in (sheet) metalwork makes it easy to create endless combinations.