SMI Equipment also specialises in producing tailor-made machinery, land-based structures, complex installations, components and equipment for industrial purposes. All systems are designed for durability and intensive use in all weather conditions and can be built to any Class requirements.

Industrial products

Hose handling systems and equipment

Specialist supplier of (Ex) hose handling systems and equipment.

Motion compensation systems

Industrial (Ex) equipment

Highest international standards and client-specified design codes.

Shore cranes

A wide range of customised shore cranes and equipment.

Industrial and umbilical winches

Industrial or umbilical winches are built to any class requirements, rules and standards.

Mechanical constructions

Durability and intensive use in mind for existing and new-build projects.

Machine building

Our skilled engineers produce customised components.

Components & parts

Customised components & parts quickly and at competitive prices.


Bridges between two fixed objects or between a fixed object and a floating installation.

Industrial pumps

Available as individual units or on pre-engineered skids, depending on the application.

General equipment

Metalwork makes it easy to create endless combinations of equipment.

Hydraulic powerpacks

Hydraulic Powerpacks

Tailor-made electrically and diesel-driven hydraulic power packs.

Base plates

Base Plates

We support in offshore equipment and manufacture in various materials.

winch foundations

Winch Foundations

SMI Offshore builds distinctive winch foundations for the top-end market.