Offshore Winches

SMI Offshore offers a wide range of tailor-made offshore winches and related equipment that are carefully developed and manufactured for durability and intensive use in extreme weather conditions. If desired, winches can be supplied meeting any class requirements, rules or standards.

SMI Offshore manufactures its offshore winch products in its own modern facilities. These products vary from standard ship winches to more complex subsea, umbilical, mooring and anchor handling systems with or without active heave compensation (AHC) and/or constant tension (CT).

The tailor-made winches include:

  • Ship winches;
  • Winches with active heave compensation (AHC);
  • Winches with constant tension (CT);
  • Stinger handling winches;
  • Pull-in winches;
  • Riser winches;
  • Guide wire winches;
  • Cursor winches;
  • Umbilical winches;
  • Mooring winches;
  • Anchor handling/ towing winches;
  • Tugger winches;
  • Spooling devices.

The benefits of customised offshore winches include:

  • Approved by major Class authorities;
  • Tailor-made construction suitable for any application;
  • Suitable for use in harsh marine environments;
  • Absolute reliability and durability.

The related products and services include:

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