Offhore wind

Many contractors supply construction services including scour protection, foundation placement and turbine installation for the increasing number of offshore wind farm projects in Northwest Europe.

SMI Offshore’s specialised offshore equipment can be used on transport, installation and multi-purpose vessels for subsea construction, rock dumping and cable laying.

Please view here our premium range of wind equipment.

Offshore wind products

Offshore Gangways

SMI Offshore’s gangways can be constructed from high-grade materials.

Offshore A-Frames

The heavy-duty A-frames are supplied in an extendable or movable configuration.

Offshore deck cranes

Offshore Deck Cranes

Our deck cranes are backed up by reliable service and spare parts.

Cable survey

Cable Survey Equipment

For deep-sea projects SMI Offshore supplies tailor-made cable survey equipment.

Lars Systems

Active Heave Compensation

AHC systems for lifting devices to counter vessel movement.

Passive heave compensation

Passive Heave Compensation

PHC: lifting devices to reduce load and increase payload.

Constant tension winch systems

Constant Tension winch systems

Ror difficult operations in harsh marine environments.

Offshore winches

Offshore Winches

Offshore winches vary from standard ship winches to more complex handling systems.

Offshore anchors

Offshore Anchors

Full classification design approval certificate conforming to the client’s requirements.

Hydraulic powerpacks

Hydraulic Powerpacks

Tailor-made electrically and diesel-driven hydraulic power packs.

geotechnical equipment

Geotechnical Equipment

SMI Offshore uses its in-house resources to develop, engineer, construct and install.

Offshore Pedestals

Excellent machining and certified welding facilities manned by expert engineers.

Offshore skids

Offshore Skids

SMI supplies a variety of customised skids, frames or baskets.

Base plates

Base Plates

We support in offshore equipment and manufacture in various materials.

winch foundations

Winch Foundations

SMI Offshore builds distinctive winch foundations for the top-end market.

Reel Drive systems

Reel Drive systems

Reel drive units are installed on tower drive systems for spooling and unspooling.

Custom sheaves

Custom Sheaves

SMI Offshore can meet a wide range of machinery directive requirements.

Motion compensation systems

Motion Compensation Systems

All systems can be produced to client requirements.

Offshore control cabins

Offshore control cabins

We develop and supplies tailor-made control cabins and units.

General deck equipment

General Deck Equipment

Our specialisation in (sheet) metalwork makes it easy to create endless combinations.