Active Heave Compensation (AHC)

Current offshore and subsea projects require more advanced technology for handling loads to the seabed. This is achieved using an active or passive heave compensation system on the lifting device to counter vessel movement.

SMI Offshore supplies tailor-made active heave compensation systems on winches or hydraulic cylinders that rely on the input of motion sensors. Responding to the signal from these sensors, the winches or cylinders pay in or pay out wire rope to keep the load at a constant elevation.

Active heave compensation on winches responds rapidly and, when combined with active and passive cylinders, reduces power consumption significantly.

The benefits of customised AHC systems include:

  • Enlarged operational weather window for offshore and subsea projects;
  • Improved efficiency, increased safety and extended component life;
  • Motion sensor driven with extremely fast winch response time;
  • Safer load handling towards seabed;
  • Reducing of dynamic load on lifting device;
  • Constant load elevation;
  • AHC systems can be used in all deep water operations;
  • Custom-built system conforming to specifications;
  • Available conforming to any class requirements.

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