Base Plates

SMI Offshore’s tailor-made base plates are manufactured in-house to client-specified design codes and Class approval.

Customised base plates are used to support a wide range of offshore equipment and can be manufactured in various materials including alloy steel, marine steel, stainless steel and high-grade offshore aluminium. Depending on the design, precision-machined components are integrated to get the ultimate shape and desired fit. Before assembly, the base plates are blasted, primed and coated to the requested offshore specifications.

Tailor-made products include:

  • Small and large bedplates;
  • Support plates;
  • Lantern pieces;
  • Base frames;
  • Sub frames;
  • Beams;
  • Stiffened flat steel panels;
  • Offshore base plates.

The benefits of our customised base plates include:

  • Customised construction according to required Class approval;
  • Complex structures engineered and manufactured in-house;
  • Integration of precision-machined parts possible;
  • High-end offshore finishing.

The related products and services include:

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