Cable Survey Equipment

For deep-sea projects SMI Offshore supplies tailor-made cable survey equipment.

Project offerings include:

  • Complete launch and recovery system (LARS) packages;
  • Specialised offshore A-frames for cable streaming and ROV handling;
  • Umbilical winches with a level wind system to ensure even spooling and to accommodate a wide diameter umbilical cable;
  • AHC & CT winches to support ROV systems and subsea loads;
  • PHC shock absorbing systems;
  • Base plates for deck-mounting LARS packages;
  • Sheave wheels fitted to the A-frame, to accommodate ROV umbilicals with a larger than minimum band radius;
  • Hydraulic power packs;
  • Skid systems for mounting ROV components;
  • Remote control units.

The benefits of the high-quality cable survey equipment include:

  • Custom-built systems according to required specifications;
  • Available conforming to any class requirements.

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