Constant Tension winch systems

Constant tension winch systems are used for difficult operations in harsh marine environments. The system creates a constant line-pull between the load and the lifting device. Prior to starting the operation, the line-pull is set, it is measured by a load sensor and is monitored by the central control system.

If the actual value differs from the pre-set value, the winch will pay in or pay out wire rope to maintain the pre-set value.

Constant tension winch systems are suitable for pre-tensioning the wire rope used in buoy-laying operations, but also during positioning and connecting floating pipelines in dredging projects. Moreover, it is perfect for raising and lowering a tender or deck equipment from a vessel into a difficult sea or onto the seabed.

The benefits of constant tension systems include:

  • Enlarged operational weather window for offshore and subsea projects;
  • Improved efficiency, increased safety and extended component life;
  • Constant line-pull;
  • Safe landing and lifting of loads;
  • Prevents loads bouncing on the deck or being picked up again;
  • Can be used on tugger winches;
  • Is suitable for launch and recovery installations.

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