Custom Sheaves

SMI Offshore can meet a wide range of machinery directive requirements, rules and Class approvals when supplying tailor-made custom sheaves for use in severe environments.

This  includes:

  • Wire sheaves;
  • Single sheave blocks;
  • Double sheave blocks;
  • Side wire swivel blocks;
  • Fairleads;
  • Guide blocks.

All sheaves and blocks can be supplied in custom sizes and various materials including stainless steel, cast steel, welded steel and nylon.

The running gear is designed and manufactured to the highest offshore standards in SMI Offshore’s modern production facilities.

Examples of tailor-made products include:

  • Umbilical sheaves (extra-large diameter);
  • Sheaves for use above and underwater;
  • Over board blocks;
  • Vertical sheave blocks;
  • Complete riser pull-in systems with hardened sheave grooves for steel wire rope.

Please ask for the possible solutions.

The benefits of our customised sheave blocks include:

  • Customised production according to required Class approval;
  • Use in severe environments;
  • Suitable for use above and underwater;
  • Bronze or roller bearings;
  • Use in sandy environment.

The related products services include:

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