General Deck Equipment

SMI Offshore’s specialisation in (sheet) metalwork makes it easy to create endless combinations of general deck equipment, components and machinery for offshore, subsea, pipe laying, wind farm and dredging applications.

It can provide its clients with high quality, Class approved general deck equipment for:

  • ROVSVs;
  • FPSOs;
  • DSVs;
  • DCVs;
  • PSVs;
  • SVs;
  • Semi-submersible crane vessels;
  • MPSVs;
  • AHTs;
  • FPVs;
  • TSHDs;
  • CSDs;
  • Jack-up barges;
  • Jack-up platforms;
  • Jack-up drilling rigs;
  • Semi-submersible platforms;
  • Unmanned platforms;
  • Offshore wind energy plants.

General Deck Equipment gallery