Hydraulic Powerpacks

Harsh marine environments require high-quality offshore equipment such as hydraulic powerpacks.

SMI Offshore supplies tailor-made electrically and diesel-driven hydraulic power packs. It also constructs complete hydraulic systems including control units, reservoirs, filtration systems, lubrications systems, piping, manifolds, winches, hydraulic cylinders etc.

All power packs are manufactured according to any Class approval requirements and explosion proof (Ex) requirements for use in hazardous areas.

SMI Offshore manufactures customised skid, self-contained or permanent mounted power packs, small series power packs and large-scale hydraulic systems with the related equipment.

The benefits of the high-quality power pack systems include:

  • Suitable for intensive use in harsh offshore environments;
  • User friendly machinery;
  • Reliable and low maintenance cost operation;
  • Low noise levels;
  • Approval by major Class authorities.

The related products and services include:

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