Industrial pumps

SMI Offshore supplies a complete range of industrial pumps and industrial pump products that comply with the highest industrial standards. Pumps are available as individual units or on pre-engineered skids, depending on the application.

The available industrial pumps include:

  • Centrifugal pumps;
  • Eccentric disc pumps;
  • Turbine pumps;
  • Hose pumps;
  • Air diaphragm pumps;
  • Gear pumps;
  • Vacuum pumps;
  • Progressive cavity pumps;
  • Piston pumps;
  • Plunger pumps.

The benefits of the industrial pumps include:

  • Available certified as required and with Class approval;
  • Tailored skid mounted installations;
  • Absolute reliability and durability.

The related products and services include:

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