Light Taut Wire Systems

The light taut wire positioning-reference system is used to dynamically position a vessel. It provides an extremely precise way of measuring the vessel position relative to the weight clump  on the seafloor in water depths up to 500 metres.

A small A-frame lowers a weight clump via a wire to the sea floor. The wire is kept taut by a constant tension winch and the angle of the wire is measured by an inclinometer. As the ship moves, the angle of the wire changes. The relative position of the vessel to the weight clump on the sea floor is calculated using the water depth and the wire angle.

The light taut wire system is assembled to the client’s requirements, for example, skid mounted with its own power pack and electronics cabinet as a full open side containerised package. Such a package can be exchanged between vessels.

The benefits of light taut wire systems include:

  • Specifically developed to clients requirements;
  • Well-proven and reliable offshore technology;
  • Operational water depths up to 500 metres;
  • Tension monitoring;
  • Cost efficient main or additional positioning reference system.

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