Moon Pool Equipment

SMI Offshore builds a wide range of customised moon pool equipment and related components to support the lowering and recovery of tools, instruments and ROVs through the vessel’s hull or moon pool.

It provides tailor-made solutions for the supply of AHC main winches, AHC umbilical winches together with damping systems, cursor winches, control systems, deck skid systems, module handling sections and sheave arrangements for cable routing. All systems are carefully developed and manufactured to safely handle loads on deck and through the splash zone of a moon pool in a harsh marine environment.

Its specialist knowledge and in-house engineering team allows SMI Offshore to manufacture tailor-made moon pool hatches, simply hinged or as three-part hatches integrated into the vessel’s hull design.

The systems, equipment and components are used on board diving support vessels, survey vessels, well intervention vessels and pipe laying vessels.

The benefits of moon pool systems include:

  • Customised solutions with required Class approval;
  • Electric/ hydraulic operated;
  • Equipped with active heave compensation & constant tension systems;
  • For safe working loads between SWL 5 and 50 tonnes.

The related products and services include:

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