Naval Equipment

SMI Offshore is also a specialist supplier to the naval shipbuilding sector. The expertise gained in the manufacturing of land-based military systems, recently led the company to also focus on producing tailor-made equipment in steel, alloy steel and aluminium for naval shipbuilding.

The equipment includes:

  • Stern doors;
  • Hatches;
  • Bulkheads;
  • Helideck landing grids;
  • Side doors;
  • Bulkhead penetrations;
  • Helideck landing grids;
  • Deck cranes;
  • A-frames;
  • Davits;
  • AHC & CT winches;
  • LARS (launch and recovery systems);
  • Skidding arrangements;
  • Base plates;
  • Winch foundations;
  • Gangways;
  • Components & parts.

Naval Equipment gallery