Offshore control cabins

SMI Offshore develops and supplies tailor-made offshore control cabins and units that comply with the (Ex) norms and standards used by industry and the offshore sector.

Depending on the requested design, the control cabins are made from steel, stainless steel and/ or lightweight materials.

Fittings can include:

  • Ergonomic chair
  • Air conditioning
  • Smart glass windows
  • Ergonomic shaped control unit
  • Anti-noise panelling to damp industrial vibrations and harmful noises.

Cabin doors can be supplied in gas and airtight, fireproof and/ or burglar-proof versions.

Cable control units and radio remote controls (RRC) are connected to advanced PLC systems that ensure the safe and flexible control of an extensive range of equipment. All systems are manufactured and tested according to Ex and IEC certifications and can be operated in harsh marine environments.

The benefits of the offshore control cabins and units include:

  • Compliant with Offshore standards and norms;
  • Suitable for (Ex) hazardous environments;
  • Safe and flexible control of equipment;
  • Compatible with different PLC systems.

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