Offshore Skids

SMI Offshore has extensive experience in building complex offshore equipment and equipment for the defence and industrial sectors such as Offshore skids.

To transfer offshore equipment, SMI supplies a variety of customised skids, frames or baskets that are specially developed and engineered to handle the required payload and equipment.

SMI Offshore also manufactures:

  • Frames and skids for ROV equipment, gas bottles or fluids;
  • Frames for generators, hydraulic power packs, pumps, heat exchangers, tools, winch foundations and subsea drilling equipment.

All offshore skids can be delivered to specific required design codes and Class approval.

The benefits of the customised offshore skids include:

  • Customised design according to required Class approval;
  • Complex structures engineered and manufactured in-house;
  • Protection of equipment and ease of transfer;
  • Exchangeable between multiple offshore applications;
  • Suitable for transfer on deck skidding systems.

The related products and services include:

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