Pipe elevator and conveyor systems

A modern pipe-laying vessel requires a wide range of pipe-handling equipment to transport pipe from the hold to the deck and from the deck into the sea.

SMI Offshore specialises in supplying Class approved and tailored pipe elevator & conveyor systems and the related machinery and equipment.

Pipe elevator and conveyor systems consist of a vertical pipe-elevating frame fitted with a hoisting device for lifting a platform. The elevating platform is equipped with powered rollers to move the pipe onto and off the platform.

The tailor-made conveyor systems are developed for harsh offshore environments and optionally include conveyor roller boxes, landing units, bumpers, pipe cradles, walking beams etc.

The benefits of tailored pipe elevator and conveyor systems include:

  • Customised construction according to required Class approval;
  • Structures engineered and manufactured in-house;
  • Suitable for a hard offshore environment.

The related products and services include:

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