Reel Drive Units

Reel drive systems are installed on tower drive systems for spooling and unspooling umbilicals, small flexibles, wire ropes, mooring wires, coiled tubing and power cables. The units contain a lifting tower/ drive hub for lifting the reel from its cradle.

Different reel widths are possible by adding spacer beams between the bolted tower bases. The reel can be powered electrically, hydraulically or by a diesel engine or power pack and can be operated remotely. Drive torque control can be integrated to handle large-diameter reels.

The benefits of customised reel drive systems include:

  • Customised construction according to required Class approval;
  • Transportable on a 30-tonne low loader and/ or 40 ft open container;
  • Reel width up to app. 9.5 m weighing app. 150 tonnes;
  • Exchangeable on multiple applications.

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