Subsea protection frames

Subsea oil & gas pipelines are vulnerable to mechanical damage especially when laid through fishing grounds, in tidal zones or over undulating deep-sea terrain.

Depending on the situation and costs, proven methods for protection are available including the installation of gabions, trenching, burying and covering with deep-sea protection frames.

SMI Offshore offers customised solutions for the development, engineering and manufacture of lightweight, two-part steel protection frames in various sizes, for installation around the pipeline.

When supplied in large series, these frames are welded in jigs and supplied with weld certifications and the required Class approvals.

The benefits of the subsea pipeline protection frames include:

  • Customised construction according to required Class approval;
  • Available in large scale series;
  • Suitable for harsh marine environments;
  • Cost efficient solution for protection of deep-sea pipeline.

The related products services include:

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